Starboard Whopper

Manufacturer's Description: Extremely stable at 34” wide, the Whopper provides stability to paddle through the most turbulent white water and other difficult conditions. Maneuvering the board is simple as it turns easily on the spot with its stability, making it a breeze to paddle into waves. Almost impossible to nose-dive, it catches even the smallest waves with ease, making SUP even more fun. The Whopper continues to surprise with amazingly good wave riding characteristics for its width.

The Whopper Club is especially well-suited for schools. The side fin Mini TT fin boxes are extra strong. It also now sports a US mid-fin box. The standing area is color coded to indicate the best paddling position. It is the very best board to learn to SUP in waves.

The Whopper Windsurf with mast track and middle fin option doubles as an entry-level windsurfer with the superb glide coming from its generous length. The 34” width offers stability. This shape will even surprise in waves with its carving ability.

The Whopper Extra, with 0’0” x 36” fun shape rewrites the limits on how quick anyone can master paddle boarding in waves. It paddles relatively straight and relatively fast. The width makes it incredibly stable while paddling onto a wave and while walking back towards the tail to turn the full stability remains. The thin rails creates smooth carving and the extra nose kick prevents nose diving.

Great Beginner Board!

Available Lengths


Retail Price

$999 - $2,349, depending on construction and size

Best use:

All Around, Surfing, Touring

Starboard Whopper


Whopper, Whopper Club and Whopper Windsurf
Length: 10'0"
Width: 34"
Thickness: 4.1"
Tail Width: 18.4"
Volume: 168 L

Whopper Extra
Length: 10'0"
Width: 36"
Thickness: 5.0"
Tail Width: 19.1"
Volume: 208 L


Available Technologies: Whopper comes in Brushed Carbon, AST or TAC (Wood).  The other Whopper boards only come in AST
All Whopper boards include a center fin and two side fins

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